I43 Yusuf
Gender Male
Species Fable; human
Hair Black
Occupation Unknown
Family Unknown
First Appearance "Fables 42"
Last Appearance "Fables 45"
Cause of Death Brutally killed by a D'jinn.
Status Dead
Series Lifespan "Fables 42" to "Fables 45"
I44 Yusuf Before Death
Yusuf being grabbed by the D'jinn shortly before dying.
Yusuf Gallery
"They are a most perplexing people, Sirah. More impoverished, I surmise, than they hope to let on. Their buildings are shabby, they send a janitor to greet us, and they can't even afford a doorman for their central residence."
—Yusuf showing his distaste with the people in Fabletown.[src]


Yusuf and Sinbad arrange a meet with the Mayor of Fabletown. Unfortunely, due to recent events, and sending Mowgli off to find Bigby, Prince Charming had forgotten about the meet. Another problem was that no one could speak Arabic and Yusuf's speaking skills weren't well taught in English. Eventually after many hours, King Cole came and impressed Sinbad with his knowledge of the Arabic language. With Cole's help, Sinbad developed fast friendships with King Cole and Prince Charming, whom eventually convinced him that keeping slaves was wrong. Slowly, Sinbad became very intrigued by America's new laws and ways. However, Yusuf found it disgraceful.

Eventually, he released a d'jinn from a bottle, in order to destroy Fabletown and its citizens and put him in control of both the European and Arabian fable communities. However, he didn't count on Frau Totenkinder guessing a possible traitor amongst them. Although Frau didn't speak Arabic, she did use her magic powers to warp his language, so that the commands he gave were not what he intended, ultimately leading to his own prolonged demise and the recapture of the d'jinn.

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