Writer's Block
Writter's Block
Species Literal
Family Gary - Father (Deceased)
Kevin Thorn - Twin Brother
Mr. Revise - Nephew
Bookburner - Nephew (Deceased)
Priscilla Page - Great-Niece (Deceased)
Robin Page - Great-Niece (Deceased)
Hillary Page - Great-Niece (Deceased)
Sam Jr. - Great-Great-Nephew
Occupation Personification of Writer's Block
First Appearance Jack of Fables #033

Writer's Block is the twin brother of Kevin Thorn. He is the literal personification of it's namesake.


Writer's Block appearance is that of dishevelled man in a straight jacket. He seems to be in a vegetative state, unresponsive and drooling.

He is able to follow his brother wherever he goes without having the ability to move by himself. Everyone is unaware of his presence unless they focus and look directly at him.

His most prominent feature is his ability to dampen the creative process of his brother by his mere presence, rendering Kevin Thorn unable to begin his work.

As a Literal, Writer's Block cannot be permanently killed. He was able to come back to life a century after his brother first killed him.


Sometime in the past Writer's Block was murdered by Kevin, being stabbed in the back with his best pen. He died, but it took Kevin nearly a century to be able to craft a pen with which to inscribe the universe again.

Writer's Block returned when Kevin recovered from his son treatment and decided to end the world. He stuck with him undetected until Kevin accidentally bumped into him. Being aware of his presence Kevin tried to reason with him to no avail. Hansel began to convince Thorn that the only way to get rid of Writer's Block is to kill him. Kevin argued that you couldn't kill him as he would just come right back. Hansel said that didn't matter as long as he was dead long enough for Kevin to write 'the conclusion'. He began to beat him to death with a fire iron.

However, it was Kevin who finished the job himself.

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