I76 Vulco
Gender Male
Species Fable
Hair Black
Family Joel - Brother
Ephram - Brother
9 (Unnamed) - Brothers (Deceased)
First Appearance "The Last Castle"
Status Alive
Series Lifespan "The Last Castle" to Present
Vulco Gallery

Vulco is a fable that fought in the battle with the Adversary. Himself and his other two brothers, Joel and Ephram were the only ones of their family to make it out alive.


Vulco and his eleven brothers were known collectively as the Crow Brothers, because of their ability to transform into crows. This made them the ideal eyes-in-the-sky when they joined the rest of the guard at the Last Castle. Vulco would often report back to Colonel Bearskin on the enemies' activities.

Vulco was also the first to spot the imposter Red Riding Hood running from the goblin army, and told the guards to open the gate to let her through. Three of his brothers lost their lives trying to distract the enemy long enough for her to make it inside. It was really thanks to him that Boy Blue was able to escape through the portal to the Mundy realm, since Vulco told Colonel Bearskin that he knew Boy Blue was sweet on Red Riding Hood, so the Colonel gave Boy Blue the Witching Cloak so he could escape and be with her.

Only Vulco and two of his brothers ultimately made it out of the Homelands, and they spent the anniversary of the final escape every year with Boy Blue and the rest of the survivors at the local pub.

Squire Vulco currently works as a chef in the I Am The Eggman Diner located in Fabletown.

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