BOF Vivian's Story
Vivian's Story is an unlockable Book of Fables entry in The Wolf Among Us, earned during the course of "Cry Wolf".

Book of Fables EntryEdit

Vivian was the very first to bear the curse of the purple ribbon. Removing the ribbon would result in death, and any attempt to talk about it was thwarted by the spell upon it. As time went on, she tried to live a normal life. Eventually she married a nice man, but he was constantly wondering about the ribbon around her neck. Despite her pleas for him to leave it alone, one night while she was sleeping he attempted to remove it. As he pulled on the edge of the string, Vivian woke and saw what her husband was doing. In a panic, she pulled away, preventing the ribbon's knot from being undone. Furious, she tried to express the severity of his actions, but her husband was unable to understand. She realized then that she couldn't trust him, and decided to leave. She lived alone for the rest of her days in the Homelands, preferring the safety of isolation to the risk of another betrayal.

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