That's the biggest question I have in the series. There's no explanation in this wiki on why or how Snow fell in love with Bigby since she rejected his advances early in the series (and in the game) and when she had to live on the Farm because of their children looking non-human, she chose the law than Bigby. All it says on Snow's page in the comics is "In recent years, however, she has formed a strong romantic relationship with Fabletown's sheriff, Bigby Wolf, who has been attracted to her for centuries" but there's no reasons of why she's in love with him.

Also, there's nothing in the wiki that explain reasons why Bigby would be attracted to her other scent. I know her scent is the biggest thing, but what else is there?

So can someone please give me some examples. I've asked this kind of question before on the Telltale Community and I kept getting "read the comics" or "you'll understand if you read the comics". I'm asking because I don't understand and I want to know their relationship before I decide to buy the comics (I have only read the first two issues from the library) because I can't understand the attraction between these two characters. Now if Willingham had written a relationship between Bigby and Red Riding Hood, that would be something but that's a different story.

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