BOF Troll Funeral Rites

Troll Funeral Rites is one of the unlockable Book of Fables entries from Episode 3 of The Wolf Among Usearned for examining the items on the offering table at Lily's funeral during "A Crooked Mile".

Entry Edit

"The gaze of the Great Mother Death is always upon us. Beneath her affectionate eye we fight our battles. We nurse our wounds. We shout our victories. We endure our sorrows. And when we fall, she is there. Her embrace is the silence of the mountain, the heavy peace of Stone." - Approximately translated. A troll funeral is a sacred ritual, passed down by oral traditions from troll-mother to son. It begins at sunset with the creation of the Cairn, a small pile of stones to represent the many generations of trolls that have traveled and died before them, the foundation upon which the living stand. Weapons are divided amongst the troll's closest comrades, the body and the rest of their possessions are burned, and though each viewer must speak to the life the lost, the eulogy's candor would make a mundy blush.

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