The Butcher, the Baker and the Candlestickmaker

Butcher, Baker & Candlestickmaker
With Snow White

Butcher, Baker& Candlestickmaker2
With Jack, Goldilocks and Raven

Species Fables
Occupation Butcher, Baker and Candlestickmaker. Ticket Booth Clerks.
First Appearance Fables #050, Jack of Fables #03
Status Dead (as of Jack of Fables #50)
Original Source Rub-a-dub-dub

The Butcher, the Baker and the Candlestickmaker are a group of three Fables that live in Fabletown performing said jobs for the comunity.

In FabletownEdit

The Butcher, Baker and Candlestickmaker in Fabletown are actually moles planted by Mr. Revise to check on their residents. They fled when outed by Jack Horner.

Despite their true nature, they joined in the celebration of the wedding of Bigby and Snow White, and even bore gifts for them.

Real FablesEdit

The real Butcher, Baker and Candlestickmaker are inmates at the Golden Boughs.

When the Golden Boughs are destroyed they, as the rest of the inmates, take refuge in a small mundy dinner, over time they took over the place.

They are killed by a dragon in the final battle of the Jack of Fables book.

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