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  Dr. Swineheart
ISC Swineheart Stern
Actor David Kaye
Gender Male
Species Fable, Human
Hair Grey
Eyes Blue
Occupation Doctor
First Appearance "A Crooked Mile"
Last Appearance "In Sheep's Clothing"
Status Alive
Series Lifespan "A Crooked Mile" to Present
Original Source The Three Army Surgeons
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"This time was no joke. Eat as many metal shellings as you see fit, but take just one more silver round near your heart... and the only place I'll be visiting you is the morgue."
―Swineheart about Bigby's silver bullet wound. — Listen (file info)[src]

Dr. Swineheart is Fabletown's resident physician. He first appears in "A Crooked Mile", tending to people's injuries after the altercation at Lily's funeral.


Episode 1: FaithEdit

After Bigby discovers Faith's head in the Woodlands' courtyard and investigates the area, Snow declares that she will bring it to Swineheart for examination. 

Episode 2: Smoke & MirrorsEdit

While examing Lily's body, Bigby asks Snow if Swineheart ever got back to her about Faith's head. She responds that he didn't, and says he wanted to run more tests.

Episode 3: A Crooked MileEdit

Swineheart is seen tending to Bigby's shotgun wound at the Business Office after Lily's funeral. He manages to get most of the buckshot out, but informs Bigby that there are some smaller pieces that will have to work their way out on their own. If Snow was shot, Swineheart explains that her wound was minor and just required a few stitches. He also took care of Holly and Grendel, and dropped them off at the Trip Trap with some painkillers. During the scene at the Trip Trap, it is revealed that Swineheart told Holly and Grendel not to mix the painkillers with alcohol (which Grendel foolishly disregards) and try to get some sleep. He advises that Bigby should eat more chicken, try and take it easy until his injury fully heals, then takes his leave.

Episode 4: In Sheep's ClothingEdit

Swineheart is seen at the beginning of this episode removing the silver bullet fragments from Bigby's wounds. He warns that Bigby was lucky to survive such a wound, and that another similar one could put him down for good. After finishing, Swineheart warns Bigby not to go looking for anymore trouble, asks Snow to take care of him, and exits the apartment.

Episode 5: Cry WolfEdit

Swineheart is first Mentioned by Vivian, saying that Georgie is going to be okay and that Swineheart can help, But Georgie disagrees saying that Swineheart doesn't care about them. He is mentioned again by The Crooked Man while aiming his revolver at Bigby in the Sheppard Metalworks. When Narissa hints that she is actually a glamored Faith, Bigby remembers being told that Swineheart had wanted to run some more tests on Lily's body. If the head placed at the door of the Woodlands had indeed been someone else glamored to look like Faith, then Swineheart had said nothing about the glamour wearing off, implying he had been part of the conspiracy.


Book of Fables EntryEdit

"Dr. Swineheart is the resident Fabletown physician. So skilled in the art of instrumental surgery that he can safely operate on himself, he served as an army medic for years, sometimes using his talents to impress the locals. He currently runs the "Special Research Section" of the Knights of Malta Hospital, so named to discourage people for investigating what is actually a reserved, Fables-focused health facility."


The Wolf Among UsEdit

Fables: The Wolf Among UsEdit

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