Gender Male
Species Wolf, Shapeshifter
Family North Wind - Father (Deceased)
Winter Wolf - Mother (Deceased)
South Wind - Aunt
West Wind - Uncle
East Wind - Uncle
Bigby Wolf - Brother
Greyheart - Brother
Longtooth - Brother (Deceased)
Three Unnamed Brothers
Snow White - Sister-in-law
Winter Wolf - Niece
Blossom Wolf - Niece
Therese Wolf - Niece
Darien Wolf - Nephew (Deceased)
Conner Wolf - Nephew
Ambrose Wolf - Nephew
Ghost Wolf - Nephew
Status Presumed Alive

Snapjaw is one of the many sons of North Wind and Winter Wolf, and brother to the infamous Bigby Wolf. His current whereabouts are Unknown it is presumed that he is still alive But not heard.

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