I73 Sinbad
Gender Male
Species Fable; human
Hair Black
Occupation Captain of the Glory of Baghdad (formerly)
Family Rose Red - Ex-Wife
First Appearance "Issue 42"
Status Alive
Series Lifespan "Issue 42" to Present
Original Source Sinbad the Sailor
Sinbad Gallery

Sinbad is part of the envoy of Arabian Fables to arrive in Fabletown.

Characteristics Edit

Sinbad is a mariner sent to Fabletown to meet with Prince Charming in order to form an alliance against the Adversary. Sinbad's relationship with Fabletown is off to a rocky start, but he does not take the misunderstandings personally. Eventually he sees Fabletown as a new beginning, something that could be positive for his own people. He cares about the Fables of his land and likes to settle things as diplomatically as possible.

History Edit

Fabletown Edit

Arriving in Fabletown with his envoy and his minister Yusuf to meet Charming, Sinbad was met with the barrier of their different language and culture. Charming was unprepared to host them, and once Fabletown learned that Sinbad had brought a d'jinn along, tensions rose high. Thanks to Totenkinder a disaster was avoided, and with the arrival of King Cole who both spoke Sinbad's language and knew of his customs and culture, the relationship between Fabletown and the Arabian Fables was strengthened. After seeing Fabletown, Sinbad decided to prepare his own people in the event that their evacuation from their Homeland be necessary, using it as a model.

War and Pieces Edit

During the war against the Empire, Sinbad was the captain of the ship Glory of Baghdad, which had been built combining Arabian and Fabletown technology and magic. Charming served as his second in command, and they successfully lead their mission. At the last step, however, the ship was attacked and caught on fire. Sinbad escaped unscathed, and helped Charming through their last mission to the very end.

After the war, Sinbad was married to Rose Red. She divorced him, causing Sinbad to leave with one of the air ships in order to help recover the Homelands after their victory against the Adversary.

Fairest Edit

Sinbad made a brief appearance in Fairest, finding Charming and offering to take him back to Fabletown.

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