Simple Simon
Gender Male
Species Fable
Hair Unknown
Eyes Unknown
Occupation Bakery Owner (Formerly)
First Appearance "In Sheep's Clothing" (Mentioned)
Last Appearance "In Sheep's Clothing" (Mentioned)
Death Episode "In Sheep's Clothing" (Confirmed Fate)
Cause of Death Killed by the Crooked Man's organization.
Status Dead
Original Source Simple Simon
"Simple Simon tried to open up a bakery, took out a loan to help with the expense. But when he started getting late on the payments... the Crooked Man put him into one of the pies, and served it to a litter of alley cats."
—Jack to Bigby about Simon's fate.[src]

Simple Simon was a resident of Fabletown mentioned by Jack during "In Sheep's Clothing". He is stated to have taken a loan from the Crooked Man to open a bakery. However, when he was unable to keep up with the payments, he was apparently killed, baked into a pie, and fed to alley cats.

His original story come from Simple Simon nursery rhyme.


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