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Reynard the Fox



Species Fable
Hair Red
Eyes Black
Homeworld Homelands
Status Alive
First Appearance Fables #007
Original Source Reynard

Reynard the Fox is an intelligent, talking fox. He's very clever and has a knack for making trouble. He lives on The Farm with the other non-human Fables. Reyanard is able to freely transform between human and fox form after Ozma granted him this ability as a demonstration of her powers.

History Edit

Reynard the Fox lived in a valley ruled by Noble the Lion. He was disliked because of the tricks he played on the other animals. The Adversary conquered the valley and made sure to guard an area that was a gate to the Sanctuary world.[1]

After the Adversary conquered the valley, Reynard approached the leader of the goblins with a plan to catch the rebels. In the valley, there was a legend about Christmas pies miraculously appearing. For three days, the goblins were to cook as many pies as they could and leave them for the inhabitants of the valley. On the fourth day, they were to cook rocks into the pies so the animals would be too slow to flee.[1]

The goblins followed the plan. On the fourth day, they all waited around a grove for the animals to eat the pies. Meanwhile, the animals escaped to the Sanctuary world, led by Reynard.[1]

When The Farm was created, Reynard was sent there along with all the other animal fables.[2]


Reynard is based upon the fox of the same name in the Reynard cycle. The cycle depicts Reynard as a trickster. His main enemy is Isengrim the Wolf, but Bruin the Bear, Baldwin the Ass, and Tybalt the Cat all try to get the best of him.


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