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This article is about the original Red Riding Hood. You may be looking for the impostor featured in The Last Castle.
  Red Riding Hood
I93 Red Riding Hood
Gender Female
a.k.a. Ride
Species Fable; human
Hair Brown
Occupation Hostess and Social Secretary of the Kingdom of Haven
Family Unnamed Grandmother
Flycatcher - Boyfriend/Future Husband
Unnamed Future Son
Trent - Future Son
Lucy - Future Daughter
Bobby - Future Son
First Appearance "Fables 41"
Status Alive
Series Lifespan "Fables 41" to Present
Original Source Little Red Riding Hood
Red Riding Hood Gallery

Red Riding Hood is a Fable that didn't make it to Fabletown during the mass exodus but lived as a subject of the Empire. Her identity had been used in many instances for cover operatives of the Empire.

History Edit

Not much is known of Red Riding Hood's history outside of her origin story. She seems to not recognize Bigby as the Big Bad Wolf. During the Adversary's occupation of the Homelands, she lived alone in a cabin and would sometimes go years without seeing or speaking to anyone else.

Impersonations Edit

Red Riding Hood was impersonated twice. The first time was at the Last Castle. It is presumed her appearance was taken by a spy of the Adversary. Boy Blue first met Red Riding Hood under this impersonation, and fell in love with her.

The second time, she was impersonated by Baba Yaga. Baba Yaga took Red Riding Hood's form to lure Fabletown into trusting her with information so she could plan an attack against them.

Fabletown Edit

During Boy Blue's mission to assassinate the Emperor, he requested to meet the real Red Riding Hood. She claimed to have never met him, and it is revealed that she had been impersonated during the events of The Last Castle. As he escaped the Homelands, Blue took Red Riding Hood with him, fearing for her safety.

She became a member of Fabletown despite her reservations from having been taken away from her Homeland. Some of the other Fables still treated her ill due to the former incident with Baba Yaga. She quickly grew fond of the mundy, despite being unsettled by it's technology at first.

She became friends with Flycatcher and that friendship turned into a love interest. When Flycatcher became King Ambrose of Haven back in the Homelands, Red Riding Hood appointed herself as his adviser, pending he find a queen. After much patience Flycatcher finally understood that she was interested in him, and the two are now in a relationship.

Characteristics Edit

Red Riding Hood is a kind, good natured person. She has shown that she is capable of standing up for herself and has a clear view of how she thinks people should behave. After Flycatcher falls into depression, she gets frustrated with him for not seeking revenge.

Trivia Edit

  • In The Last Story of Flycatcher[1], she is shown as happily married to Flycatcher, with many children.


  1. Fables #141
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