I147 Brandish

I95 Brandish Bear

Species Fable
a.k.a. Werian Holt
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Homeworld Homelands
Family Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother (Deceased)
Holben - Brother
First Appearance "Fables 95"
Last Appearance "Fables 150"
Death Issue "Fables 150"
Cause of Death Heart destroyed by Grimble.
Status Dead
Series Lifespan "Fables 95" to "Fables 150"
"You've had several opportunities to strike, but you hesitate. It's obvious you lack a true soldier's blood. You simply don't have what it takes. There are natural killers in the worlds, and those who aren't. No shame in being one or the other. Our individual qualities were endowed by whatever surly and intemperate gods exist. Be comforted by the fact that, even if you could bring yourself to skewer me, it would accomplish nothing. As long as my heart is at its remote remove, nothing you do here could harm me anyway. You've made a fair attempt to summon up a killer within you. No one can say you didn't try. Enough, though. It behooves performers to bow and exit when the show is clearly done."
—Prince Brandish to Flycatcher.[src]
Brandish Death

Brandish has his heart destroyed by Grimble.

Prince Brandish is a prince the sisters Snow White and Rose Red met when they were young. At the time, Snow had been promised as his wife. He eventually came back to claim her but was still denied. He was then spared torture by Rose Red, on the conditions he eventually broke by murdering Weyland Smith.

History Edit

Prince Brandish was cursed by the dwarf Coalheart and turned into a bear. Along the way, Prince Brandish befriended both Snow and Red as children, both of whom had a hand in helping lift his curse after the dwarf was killed. Prince Brandish then promised to marry Snow White in thanks, and promised Rose Red that his brother Holben would marry her.

Ultimately, this promise was never fulfilled because his parents refused to let them marry commoners and unknown pact between his father and Snow's mother. Apparently Snow's mother was against the marriage as well. The two arranged a fake death and Snow was sent to her aunt. However, at some point, Brandish knew Snow was still alive. Against his father's wishes, he vowed to find her because he sensed "strong" magic in her.

He eventually left his country during The Emperor's reign and became associated with Mister Dark. He was then sent to Nurse Spratt to become her fencing instructor, Werian Holt. After Mr. Dark's death, he begins to teach the transformed Mrs. Spratt the art of assassination, and becomes her co-conspirator on an unknown dark plan for Fabletown. When the Fables come to claim Dark's castle as their own, both Spratt and Holt pretend to have been Mr. Dark's prisoners.

However, not everyone fell for their story. He was first approached by Grimble and when confronted with the truth, he turned him into a bird. Though he was about to kill Grimble, he spared the bird to continue with his plans. He then revealed his true identity to all. Though his claim as Snow's true husband was a shock to all, including his co-conspirator Mrs. Spratt.

According to Brandish, their promise held powerful magic, and to him trumped Snow White's marriage to Bigby Wolf centuries later at his reappearance into their lives. And he then dragged her and held her captive in one of the towers of Mr. Dark's castle. He bewitches himself so that any injury inflicted on him will also hurt Snow, making any attempt at rescue complicated. When Snow attacks him in an attempt to free herself, he breaks her arm to teach her a lesson and make her more docile.

Snow still vowed to kill him, even after Bigby came in an attempt to rescue her. During battle, he turns Bigby to glass and then shatters him to spite Snow who then kills him with a fence attack. Much to the shock of the other Fables, Brandish awakens just as Dr. Swineheart performs an autopsy. At the exact time, he discovers a cavity where the prince's heart should be, with rune-etched brass fittings capping off the various branches of the circulatory system that would normally connect to a human heart.

Brandish then revealed that he had his heart magically removed from his own body, making him difficult to kill. Rose Red eventually takes him captive and gives him an ultimatum, apparently to make an example of him. He can spend the rest of his immortal life buried in concrete, or serve her and her new Round Table.

Brandish accepts and is appointed as a squire to one of her knights. This causes a big rift between Rose and Snow, who was still wanting vengencee for her husband's murder. Brandish would however, soon break his pact with Rose Red. More so, Brandish stays true to his real colors. He quickly murders Weyland Smith, becoming tired of being a squire(and most likely surviving under them).

Brandish demands a trial of combat to prove his innocence which Lancelot accepts. The two knights duel, with Lancelot continuously laying mortal blows. But since Brandish doesn't have his heart, he doesn't die. Eventually, Lancelot starts becoming tired from the endless duel and Brandish lays the killing blow. After the duel, Flycatcher challenges Brandish to a duel, for the crime of mistreating Snow White while she was his prisoner. Brandish accepts the duel and the two fight. Unlike Lancelot, Flycatcher does not make attempts to kill Brandish. However, unknown to both of the duelists, Grimble, in the form of a bird, breaks into the castle holding Brandish's heart and tears it apart, killing the prince for good, making Flycatcher the victor by default.

Characteristics Edit

Brandish is a talented swordsman. He is also stubborn, as he refuses to back down and let Snow White be free. When he first approaches the Fables, he appears calm and charming. But he becomes ruthless and dominant when Snow refuses him, dragging her to a tower. He also then insists to killing the children she had with Bigby to make a "clean" kind. He also shows his ruthless side when Snow attempts to free herself, he breaks her arm to "teach her a lesson" as a wife.

Though its never explained how he met Mister Dark, he's just as ruthless as his former ally. In a flashback, it was revealed at a very young age to have murdered his own mother. He murdered her because he was disgusted watching his mother have sex with his father and said that a queen should be "clean".

Killed VictimsEdit

This list shows the victims Brandish has killed:

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