Morgan le Fay
I144 Morgan
Gender Female
a.k.a. Mrs. Green, The Green Witch
Species Fable
Hair Black
Homeworld Homelands
Occupation Member of the 13th Floor
First Appearance "Fairest In All the Land"
Death Issue "Fairest In All the Land" (Later revived)
Cause of Death Beheaded with the Sword of Regret by Goldilocks.
Status Alive
Original Source Vita Merlini
IATL Morgan and Ford Dead
Morgan after being decapitated by Goldilocks.

Morgan le Fay, from the saga of King Arthur, is the witch with the long dark hair and beauty mark on her face. Her identity was first revealed in the Fairest graphic novel Fairest In All the Land, and later in Fables 136 (Camelot, Part 6). She is also known as Mrs. Green, as revealed in Fables 128 (Snow White, Chapter Four). She has the ability to fly.


Morgan was part of Ozma's super team put together to defeat Mister Dark, where she was given the "superhero name" The Green Witch.

In the Snow White story arc, after the story arc's title character is taken captive by Prince Brandish, Morgan is seen discussing rescue plans with her fellow witches, Ozma and Maddy. Because Brandish has bewitched himself so that any injury inflicted on him will also hurt Snow, the task is easier said than done, especially since the spell is difficult to break. Morgan comes up with a plan. They will not try to break the spell, but add to it instead: She will build in a delay between cause and effect, which will give them some wiggle room between the moment Brandish is killed, and when the same thing happens to Snow. Morgan begins the hard work of casting the spell, while Rose Red rescues Snow while Brandish is distracted. Snow then engages Brandish in a sword fight, while Morgan slowly, but carefully manages to unwind the spell that Brandish has cast on himself, allowing Snow stab him straight through his heart.

Unfortunately, the spell is not broken, merely delayed. In the Camelot story arc, Morgan breaks the bad news to Snow: Sooner or later, the fatal wound is bound to be inflicted on Snow herself, which will kill her. In Fairest In All the Land, Morgan, along with Bean Nighe, a Fabled oracle, were victims at the hands of Goldilocks. While Cinderella is able to bring back the victims of Goldilocks; she's only allowed to choose half. She ultimately chooses Morgan Le Fay, seeing her more valuable an ally for Fabletown. Snow White's fate is resolved in the same story; she is stabbed through the heart (as Morgan predicted) by Goldilocks. Fortunately, Cinderella is able to bring her back to life.[1]

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