I150 Lake
Gender Female
a.k.a. The Green Lady
Lady of the Lake
Species Fable
Hair White
Eyes Black
Family Bigby Wolf - Father-in-Law
Snow White - Mother-in-Law
Ambrose Wolf - Husband
Winter Wolf - Sister-in-Law
Blossom Wolf - Sister-in-Law
Therese Wolf - Sister-in-Law
Darien Wolf - Brother-in-Law (Deceased)
Conner Wolf - Brother-in-Law
Ghost Wolf - Brother-in-Law
Six Unnamed Children
Hel - Descendant
First Appearance "Fables 122"
Last Appearance "Fables 150"
Death Issue "Fairest: In All the Land" (Later revived)
Cause of Death Stabbed by Goldilocks.
Status Resurrected
Series Lifespan "Fables 122" to Fables 150
Original Source Lady of the Lake
IATL Lake Death
Lake is stabbed by Goldilocks with the Sword of Regret.

The Lady of the Lake (also known as the Green Lady) appears in the story arc The Destiny Game. She is a messenger of the Fates and has the ability to assign and reassign different destinies to particular individuals. Initially a sly and conniving woman, she turns more diligently after two encounters with Bigby Wolf.

She later marries Snow and Bigby's cub Ambrose. She is referred to in The Good Prince; after Flycatcher's heroic deeds in the Homelands kingdom of Haven, he asks Lancelot to throw Excalibur into the biggest lake he can find, and tells him to not be surprised if a "green bejeweled hand" reaches up to grasp Excalibur before it sinks out of sight. She is also referred to in the Jack of Fables story arc The Bad Prince, when a mysterious old man comes out of the river, carrying Excalibur and says that the "green woman's gift must not fall into evil hands".

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