Kelsey Brannigan
SAM Brannigan Questioning
Actor Cissy Jones
Gender Female
Species Mundy, Human
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Age Mid to late 20's
Occupation Detective
First Appearance "Smoke & Mirrors"
Last Appearance "Smoke & Mirrors"
"A Crooked Mile" (Photograph)
Status Alive
Series Lifespan "Smoke & Mirrors" to Present
Kelsey Brannigan Gallery
"Do you hear that? Please... Please... I'm sorry, just... Make it stop... Please."
―Brannigan experiencing the effects of the memory wipe spell. — Listen (file info)[src]

Kelsey Brannigan is a Mundy detective working for the New York City Police Department. She is first introduced in Episode 2 of The Wolf Among Us, conducting an interrogation of Bigby.


Episode 2: Smoke & MirrorsEdit

After Bigby crosses the police line in front of the Woodlands and sees Snow's decapitated head, he is taken into custody by the NYPD, who bring him to a precinct in the Upper West Side of the city. The following afternoon, Brannigan is chosen to conduct the questioning of Bigby. She attempts to sympathize with him, but Bigby refuses to cooperate or answer any of her questions. Suddenly, Brannigan's nose begins to bleed. To Bigby's surprise, she starts to hear strange and painful noises, and eventually collapses onto the table. Crane then walks in, and reveals that he used a memory wipe spell to knock out all of the cops in the station and cause them to forget the last 24 hours. Bigby grabs the photo of Snow and leaves with Crane while Brannigan remains unconscious. Her fate is unknown after that.

Episode 3: A Crooked MileEdit

While searching the Tweedles' office, Bigby can find a file of information on Brannigan. It contains a newspaper article about the incident at the precinct, revealing that her and 17 other officers lost consciousness for roughly three hours. The article also has a note posted on it, reading "Keep an eye on her..."


The Wolf Among UsEdit

Fables: The Wolf Among UsEdit


  • Orginally, the episode selection screen for "A Crooked Mile" featured Brannigan going after Bigby at the Woodlands. However, this has since been changed to a picture of Bigby chasing Crane's car as of the release of "Smoke & Mirrors".
  • Brannigan is voiced by Cissy Jones who also voiced multiple characters in The Walking Dead Video Game, the characters being KatjaaJolene, Brie, Dee and Shel.
  • Brannigan could possibly based off of the 1950's musical Guys and Dolls' character, Lieutenant Brannigan, who also works for the NYPD.
  • There is a unused model of Brannigan in jogging clothes as she appeared in the original selection screen for "A Crooked Mile" in the games files.
  • She bears a resemblance to Bloody Mary.
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