CW Johann Debate
Actor Terence McGovern
Gender Male
Hair Grey
Eyes Brown
Occupation Owner of The Cut Above
First Appearance "In Sheep's Clothing"
Last Appearance "Cry Wolf"
Status Alive
Series Lifespan "In Sheep's Clothing" to "Cry Wolf"
Original Source Rub-a-dub-dub
Johann Gallery
"I'm dead... either way. They said to me, "Johann, you can keep your life and lose your shop, or lose both." What would you do? I-- it was a simple choice to make in the moment. Easy even, when they got you on a hook in the deep freeze... But it's a hard one to live with."
—Johann to Bigby in the freezer[src]

Johann, also known as The Butcher, is a Fable that appears in The Wolf Among Us. He is the owner of The Cut Above butcher shop, which the Crooked Man's crew has been occupying to create black market spells and glamours.


Episode 4: In Sheep's ClothingEdit

Johann first appears when Bigby arrives at The Cut Above to investigate the whereabouts of the Crooked Man. After examining the storefront for a short time, Johann comes out from the freezer room and is shocked to see the sheriff. Bigby starts questioning him about Bloody Mary or the Magic Mirror shard, and he initially claims to have no idea what Bigby is talking about. As his line of questioning gets more intense, Johann claims to hear a noise in the freezer room, retreating and pressing a hidden button behind the counter. Bigby follows him into the freezer and starts searching for him. He eventually finds Johann stacking boxes in front of a bay door, and surprises him. Johann drops the box and begs for his life, saying that he is just an innocent victim. He goes on to explain that the Crooked Man's crew took over his shop a long time ago, and was using the back room for purposes unknown to him. Bigby manages to open the door, revealing a black market glamour and magic producing lab. Chains on the floor reveal that the criminals use slave labor to make their products, and a large chalkboard lists numerous Fables that purchase said products (if Bigby visits the butcher shop first). If Bigby visits the shop second, he also finds Crane's coat and the Magic Mirror shard. Johann again claims his innocence, and yells at the sheriff for not helping him sooner. Before Bigby leaves, Johann asks him how he is supposed to avoid the wrath of the Crooked Man now that his operation has been uncovered. Bigby either offers him reassurance that he'll take the Crooked Man down, offers him the Business Office's assistance, or offers nothing, and walks out of the shop while Johann watches on.

Episode 5: Cry WolfEdit

Johann is present at the Crooked Man's trial, and argues for him to be thrown down the Witching Well after he is found guilty. If the Crooked Man is killed at the foundry, Johann will either support or oppose Bigby's action based on whether he offered the butcher help before leaving The Cut Above. Johann is later seen waiting in line outside of the Business Office the day after the trial along with Tiny Tim and Grendel.

Book of Fables EntryEdit

"His name is often said in the same breath as that of the Baker and Candlestick Maker of Fabletown. And like those other tradesmen, Johann the Butcher's storefront has served Fabletown for ages: fresh cuts, exotic meats, and even full sides of beef for the vigorous appetites of ogres and trolls. But Johann's business has fallen in with the wrong crowd. As the quality of his products declined, and his business turned into a front operation for the Crooked Man, some have started to wonder if they ever really knew Johann."


Trivia Edit

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