BOF Headless Horseman
The Headless Horseman is an unlockable Book of Fables entry in The Wolf Among Us, earned for examining the statue of him in Crane's apartment during "A Crooked Mile". He is based on the main antagonist of Sleepy Hollow.

Book of Fables EntryEdit

"Thought to be the spirit of a particularly fearsome, especially macabre German military contractor, the Headless Horseman lost his head from cannon fire during the Revolutionary War. Most famous for hounding Ichabod Crane one night in the woods of Sleepy Hollow, it is rumored that this phantom is only the most recent incarnation of a primordial demon, whose previous forms include a Middle-Aged chieftain who brandished a whip made from human bone, and a Scottish lord who was decapitated in a fight over shares of land."


Trivia Edit

  • Bigby uses this statue to kill Crane in Fables.
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