Actor None
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Amber
Occupation Prostitute (Formerly)
First Appearance "Smoke & Mirrors"
Last Appearance "Cry Wolf"
Status Alive
Series Lifespan "Smoke & Mirrors" to Present
Gwen Gallery
"Every day I have to look Gwen and Hans in the eye and pretend I don't care."
—Vivian to Bigby and Georgie, about Gwen.[src]

Gwen is a Fable featured in The Wolf Among Us. She is a prostitute at the Pudding & Pie working under Georgie Porgie.


Episode 2: Smoke & MirrorsEdit

Gwen's cubby can be seen when Bigby enters the back room of the Pudding & Pie. She is later seen walking out of the Open Arms Hotel with a police officer after Bigby leaves the club. They hug and Gwen walks off in the opposite direction.

Episode 5: Cry WolfEdit

Gwen is mentioned by Vivian while she laments her role in enslaving the people working at the Pudding & Pie.  Gwen is seen waiting in line outside of the Business Office talking to Hans the day after the Crooked Man's trial. She is likely looking for employment after her employer's death in this episode.



  • Gwen is one of two named characters in The Wolf Among Us who never speak, along with Grimble.
  • Gwen doesn't appear in the Book of Fables.
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