BOF Glamour Tree
The Glamour Tree is an enchanted tree used by Aunty Greenleaf to produce her glamour tubes and other magical items. It is her sole remaining source of income, and was brought over from the Homelands. During their confrontation of the witch, Snow decides that the tree is too powerful to leave with Greenleaf, considering the damage it has caused thus far, and orders Bigby to destroy it. Bigby can then do so, leave Greenleaf to her business, or hire her to the 13th Floor, meaning that her and her tree will be moved to the Woodlands.

Book of Fables EntryEdit

To unlock this Book of Fables entry, Bigby has to burn the tree when ordered to do so by Snow.

Grown from a seed spirited away from her family's enchanted orchard, this tree is the sole remaining source of Aunty Greenleaf's magical enchantments. Its bark is used for glamour tubes, its leaves are crushed for ointments and spells, and its twigs and sticks can be used as rods for a variety of entrancing purposes.

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