The Great Fairy Witch
Gender Female
Species Fable, Witch
Hair Grey
Eyes Black
Homeworld Homelands
Age Over 100
Occupation Head of the 13th Floor (formerly)
Family NA
First Appearance 'Fables 18'
Death N/A
Cause of Death N/A
Status Alive
Series Lifespan Throughout
Original Source Thumbelina

The Great Fairy Witch, also known as Mother Birdie, Bulah, Ardelia, Mother Cherish or simply the Good Witch, is the former leader of the 13th Floor, whose mind is severely addled thanks to fellow witch Frau Totenkinder. She is also the good witch from Thumbelina and the creator of the Barleycorn Brides for the men of Lilliput.

History Edit

The former leader of the 13th Floor, the Fairy Witch was once a very powerful witch and always seen knitting with her needles and yarn. She is the witch from Thumbelina, providing the enchanted barleycorn seed from which Thumbelina was born, and is also known as the Great Fairy Witch, though her powers have slightly gone to seed. The Fairy Witch also helped with the creation of Fabletown, proving how powerful she used to be, and this was considered her "great task" and she was one of the first witches to step up and take responsibility and show leadership. Not only did she help weave several enchantments of non-detection, the Fairy Witch helped in the construction of the Woodland building and it was her idea to magically link larger spaces to smaller ones through the use of door frames.

Retirement Edit

Sometime in the 20th Century, fellow witch and member of the 13th Floor Frau Totenkinder made a small comment about her retiring and a well earned rest. Soon, the Fairy Witch lost her grip on reality and began to babble nonsense, sitting away from the other witches and warlocks and quietly knitting. She soon stepped down as the leader of the 13th Floor and Frau took over, taking her knitting equipment as well.

Senility Edit

Now the Fairy Witch is barely a shadow of her former self, a far cry from the powerful witch she once was, and she now sits away from the other witches and warlocks quietly and makes the motions of knitting with her empty hands - without any wool.

The Fairy Witch still uses her magic and has combined her power with the others on several occasions. Most notably, she helped Ozma, Maddy and Prospero piece together Bigby Wolf, who was turned to glass, and sometimes was able to show rare moments of clarity, as evidenced in Fables 143 when she offered advice and wise words to the other members of the 13th Floor after their spells are undone and the Mundys can see the Fables.

Appearance Edit

The Fairy Witch is an elderly witch with grey hair hidden behind a bonnet and wears square glasses and has a vacant but kindly expression on her face. She wears a shawl over her clothes and plain dresses, her colour usually being orange or red. Birdie was often seen with wool and knitting needles, symbolising her status as Head of the 13th Floor.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Immortality - As a fable, the Fairy Witch has a lifespan of hundreds of years, making her effectively immortal.

Magic - Before her retirement, the Fairy Witch was a very powerful witch and knew many spells and enchantments before becoming senile.

Knitting Skills - Even though she is "off her rocker", the Fairy Witch has considerable knitting skills and spends most of her time, and magic, knitting.


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