Fairy Godmother
Real Name Unknown
Aliases Fairy Godmother, FG
Occupation Godmother, dictator (formerly)
Status Alive
Place of Birth Homelands
Marital Status Single
Known Relatives Two Unnamed Sisters (deceased)
Base of Operations Mobile
Species Fairy (Fable)
Gender Female
Eye Blue
Hair Grayish-White
Distinctive Features Sometimes the Fairy Godmother has pink colored wings made of magical energy protruding from her back
First Issue Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love 05
Original Source Cinderella
The Fairy Godmother was an enemy of Frau Totenkinder, the invader of Ultima Thule, and a meddler in the lives of Briar Rose, Cinderella, and Rapunzel.


The Fairy Godmother, along with her two sister fairies, traveled the many worlds, bringing happiness and blessings to whoever crossed their path; however, they were foiled time and time again by their enemy, a powerful witch who turned their blessings into curses. In turn, they tried to undo her schemes as well, such as when they guided a prince to Rapunzel's tower, knowing that this would aggravate their enemy further

Her meddling with Rapunzel did not stop there. When Rapunzel became pregnant with twins, she made sure the prince didn't acknowledge Rapunzel before his parents and later stole the girls upon birth. Her plans for them remain unknown.

Their contests took their toll as both her sisters died and her own power waned to the point that her spells only worked until midnight. She made Cinderella go to the ball and arranged her "happily ever after",(by turning a pumpkin into a carriage, Cinderella's rags into a beautiful dress etc), until Prince Charming cheated on her, undoing her work.

Deciding to have her way and make everyone happy, she simply resolved to eradicate unhappiness. She traveled to Ultima Thule, where the sun sets only once a year and her powers would work for nine months straight, and slayed King Valemon, placing herself as the ruler. She imposed a law that imposed forced smiles upon the citizens and restricted the use of magic.

With the help of Fables in the Mundy world, she negotiated the trade of magical artifacts in exchange for firearms so she could keep control over the populace during the months when her power would fade. Those with the mundies brought the whole affair to Fabletown's attention, and they dispatched Cinderella to investigate. Cinderella, with the help of Dickory, managed to catch the Fairy Godmother unguarded and powerless. The Fairy Godmother is finally left at the mercy of the people of Ultima Thule.

The Fairest series reveals that after the Ultima Thule incident, she is locked up and slowly begins to lose her memories. Following a failed assassination attempt on Snow White, her cubs by rat-human hybrids, the Fairy Godmother is believed to be the culprit and Cinderella is sent to Ultima Thule to apprehend her. However, upon closer inspection it is revealed that the Fairy Godmother had somehow escaped her prison but left her wand behind (which focuses her magics).

Using the wand, Cindy and Dickory track the Fairy Godmother in Amsterdam and quickly deduce she is not behind these attacks because of her mental condition, but they are apprehended by Rat Men and the Fairy Godmother is shot in the head by Cinderella's Stepsister (revealed to be working for Prince Brandish). She makes a full recovery, however, at the Knights of Malta Hospital thanks to Dickory and the Mundies believing in her.

The Fairy Godmother also helps with the fight against the Rat Men (under the orders of Leigh Douglas now) by channeling her powers through Cindy and Marcel, one of the original mice who were transformed into footman but saved himself by having sex and impregnating various women and telling them that he loved them (essentially being the father of the Rat Men). This reverts all of the Rat Men back into either mice or men and saves Fabletown from invasion.

Cindy and her Fairy Godmother eventually reconcile and she is last seen at Crispin's welcome home party at the Glass Slipper. It should be noted that the shot to her head purged the Fairy Godmother of her wicked nature and she is now a much more good-natured and subdued individual.

Following her reconciliation with Cindy, it is still unknown if the Fairy Godmother is now a resident of Fabletown but it can be assumed so since she was last seen there. However, she has not been seen in the Fables issues since.

Trivia Edit

  • With her fondness of apples and her rivalry with Frau Totenkinder, its heavily hinted that she stole Rapunzel's twins. If she did steal them, their current location is still unknown. As the twins were never shown with her at Ultima Thule or her return to Fabletown.
  • It is possible that the Fairy Godmother and her sisters are based on Flora, Fauna and Merryweather from Disney's Sleeping Beauty because she has pink wings and the others have green and blue respectively. Also, it is shown that they have ties with Briar Rose, and the Fables Encyclopedia indicates that she was a meddler in the sleeping beauty's life.