"Fables #98"
First published in July 2010
Written by Bill Willingham
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"Fables 97"
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"Fables 99"



Plot Edit

Bigby sends Snow and the kids to his father's place, and goes to the Farm for Rose Red's meeting. Bellflower and Happ continue to discuss about Mr. Dark. Dunster tells Bellflower that the only things that can hold Mr. Dark is one of the mighty Winds's artifact boxes. Rose Red talks to everyone on the Farm with a problem. Rose Red addresses everyone, she wears a blue scarf around her neck which means she also believes that Boy Blue will come back, however she tells them that he won't kill Mr. Dark, they have to. Bell flower returns to the Farm with Dunster Happ and has a plan. Snow returns to the Farm, where Rose Red hugs her, saying that she wants them to be sisters again.

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