"Fables #96"
First published in May 2010
Written by Bill Willingham
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"Fables 95"
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"Fables 97"



Plot Edit

Prince Brandish show his gratitude to Snow and Rose, promising that he and his brother will marry them. However their mothers says that the girls are too young. Bandish's father say that the girl is a peasant, which means no. Snow's mother and Branish's father talk, but he plans to kill Snow. Snow's mother sends her away to live with her sister to be safe. Rather than killing Snow, the assassin lets her go and uses a pigs heart as proof that he killed her. Snow accidently comes to the seven dwarves cabin where they treat her badly. The Snow Queen finds out that Snow is alive and tricks her into eatig the poisoned apple. Prince Charming kisses her awake and they get married. Snow mother tells Rose the true, horrifying her. Rose Red turned from happy to sad, and then angry. She blamed Snow for her secret lie instead of her mother. At the Farm, they continue talking.

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