"Fables #93"
First published in February 2010
Written by Bill Willingham
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"Fables 92"
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"Fables 94"



Plot Edit

Trusty John and Weyland Smith report to Flycather, and Flycatcher tells them that they are going to do this the least violent way possible. The goblins believe that Brump was arrested because he won the game, and the goblins start to get violent. The trial commences for Mr. Brump of the murder of Mr. Seedcrate. The goblins get their weapons and march, but Grinder forces them all to turn back. Trusty John presents his case that since Brump is a goblin, he wasn't entirely responsible for his actions, that he just fell back on his true nature. Mr. Seedcrate's wife and children also appear to be at the trial. Flycatcher visits Boy Blue's grave and tells it his thoughts. However at the trial, Flycatcher sentences Brump guilty, but rather than killing Brump or letting him go, Flycatcher banishes him from his kingdom. If Brump even returns by accident, he will be killed. At the end of the day, Flycatcher asks Red Riding Hood if she wants to sleep in his room tonight, which she does.

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