"Fables #91"
First published in December 2009
Written by Bill Willingham
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"Fables 90"
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"Fables 92"



Plot Edit

Geppetto returns to the Farm with two naked fables that grow leaves instead of hair. The new fables are Prince Aspen and his sister Princess Alder. Geppetto says that he can save them all from Mr. Dark if they put him in charge. Baba Yaga makes a magical circle in the Business Office that will kill anything outside of the circle. So, Bufkin and the others decide to attack immediately. The witches from the 13th Floor create a plan. At the Farm, Ozma turns Reynald the Fox into a man to show Geppetto her real power, and also for his loyalty in the past. Meanwhile at the Business Office, Bufkin and his allies manage to decapitate Baba Yaga with the Vorpal Sword, however he loses his wings due to a fire. Ozma brings the Blue Fairy to the Farm and she wants to kill Geppetto for her torture.

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