"Fables #81"
First published in February 2009
Written by Bill Willingham
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"Fables 80"
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"Fables 82"



Plot Edit

As the mundies investigate the ruins of the Woodlands, Mr Dark arrives. Flycatcher arrives, sees Boy Blue and tries uses his magic on him. Mr. Dark discovers that Kay has survived the collapsing, but kills him immediately. Frau Totenkinder tells Snow that there is a dark evil even she doesn't understand. Tired, sad and angry, Rose Red divorces Sinbad. Flycatcher tells everyone that he failed, and that Boy Blue has only enough strength left to say his goodbyes. Pinocchio notice his father is missing, Geppetto wanders off on the Farm where the animals fables attack and him. However since they can't kill him due to his magical force field, Reynard the Fox suggests digging a very deep hole for Geppetto. Mr. Dark tells the controls his victims to make a castle out of the rubble of the Woodlands.Since Rose Red won't leave her bed to say goodbye to Boy Blue, Bigby turns like a wolf and threatens her to get out now. When Rose Red tells Boy Blue that they can still be together, he chastises her saying that he deserves better than her. Doctor Swineheart tells everyone that Boy Blue is dead and requested to be buried next to Flycatcher's baseball field in Haven, which he does.

Deaths Edit

  • Kay
  • Boy Blue

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