"Fables #79"
First published in December 2008
Written by Bill Willingham
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"Fables 78"
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"Fables 80"



Plot Edit

At the Farm, everyone mourns the death of Prince Charming at his funeral. At the hospital, Boy Blue tells Nurse Sprat that he thinks there is still something inside of him. Mr. Dark kills the two mercenaries, Mouse and Freddy, and eats their teeth intending to move on. Beast notices that Beauty was especially sad during the funeral, but she tells him that she did not sleep with Prince Charming period. Frau Totenkinder tell Bigby and Beast that Geppetto's magical box is empty, while Beauty discovers that the Business Office is gone, now it is a tiny room with nothing in it. Frau Tokenkinder tells everyone that the magical spells in Fabletown are no longer working, and they should evacuate. Everyone evacuates the Woodlands, when all of a sudden, the Woodlands building comes crashing down.

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