"Fables #78"
First published in November 2008
Written by Bill Willingham
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"Fables 77"
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"Fables 79"



Plot Edit

Mr. Dark introduces himself to the mercenaries that freed him. Boy Blue, Pinocchio, and Flycatcher hang out, until they notice that Blue's hand is green. Mr. Dark tells the men that he must get the Witching Cloak as it was based off of his powers. Bigby tells Flycatcher that they will need to find a prince to kiss and wake up Briar Rose, as she and the Imperial city have been asleep for a long time. Mr. Dark continues talking a tormenting the mercenaries. When Bufkin fetches the Witching Cloak for Beauty it becomes damaged, also a strange earthquake happens. Grimble tells Beauty that there was no earthquake, however Baba Yaga becomes free. Doctor Swineheart reveals to Boy Blue that the reason for his infected arm was a small piece of the Witching Cloak in his arm. However he tells Blue that because his arm was rotting, they had to amputate it. Boy Blue looks in shock as his right hand and most of his arm is gone.

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