"Fables #71"
First published in May 2008
Written by Bill Willingham
Previous story
"Fables 70"
Next story
"Fables 72"

Issue 71 is the seventy-first issue in Fables.



Plot Edit

Cinderella arrives in Ushiaia to get a special package. However the men who were supposed to be taking her there try to kidnap her, forcing herself to kill them except one for later. Prince Charming steps down as Mayor, giving it to King Cole. King Cole then makes Beauty deputy major again. The special package turns out to be Pinocchio. Cindy kills all the men even the one that looked like he was surrendering. They also get back Pinocchio's gold and leave. Cinderella returns to see that Pinocchio has been taken hostage by Hansel who demand to know when Fabletown began the war with the Empire. Cinderella laughs and says that it's already started.

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