"Fables #62"
First published in August 2007
Written by Bill Willingham
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"Fables 61"
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"Fables 63"

Issue 62 is the sixty-second issue in Fables.



Plot Edit

The armored knight revealed to Flycatcher that he was Lancelot, an nearly unbeatable warrior of Camelot. His fortune turned when he began having an affair with Queen Guinevere.  His luck faded and his lack of confidence result in the loss of a war. Despite being forgiven by King Arthur, Lancelot hanged himself out of shame, becoming the ghost trapped in a suit of medieval amour. Charming gives Hansel a list of all the things they want in exchange for the Wooden soldier heads. Lancelot cleans up a rusty looking Flycatcher. Flycatcher went to talk with the Magic Mirror. The mirror told him that he never wanted to lie to him about his family and only did it out of friendship. Flycatcher bears no ill will toward his friend and asked him to to keep displaying his journey for everyone in Fabletown to see. Prince Charming goes to the Farm to get Bigby and Snow, while Lance preps Flycatcher with armor with his mission. To begin his journey, Flycatcher jumps down the Witching Well.

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