"Fables #61"
First published in July 2007
Written by Bill Willingham
Previous story
"Fables 60"
Next story
"Fables 62"

Issue 61 is the sixty-first issue in Fables.



Plot Edit

Boy Blue tells Flycatcher that he can't help him, because he have no desire to see his friend's innocence getting scarred by violence and war. Frau Totenkinder tells everyone that she can use a powerful magical enchantment on one of the paintbrushes for the Wooden soldiers to see what they see. She also revealed that she knew about the identity of the Adversary before Boy Blue learned about it. Flycatcher returns from the Farm and sadly goes to bed. Bufkin accidentally destroys the magical armored knight hanging from the big tree in the Business Office. Prince Charming tells everyone that they'll leave the suit alone for now and gives them orders for the upcoming war. Flycatcher enters the Business Office and is greeted by the ghost of the armored knight, Lance who will lead him on a journey.

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