"Fables #60"
First published in June 2007
Written by Bill Willingham
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"Fables 59"
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"Fables 61"

Issue 60 is the sixtieth issue in Fables.



Plot Edit

Prince Charming gets mad that Bufkin isn't stacking all the books, while Red Riding Hood tries unsuccessfully to get Flycatcher to not let himself waste away. Prince Charming tells Bufkin that he will kill and eat if if he doesn't stack and shelf all the books on time. Baba Yaga tells Cinderella that she is the one questioning her, not the other way around. Hansel wants the decapitated Wooden heads, so Prince Charming gives him a list of important fables that didn't escape the Homelands and wants to know their fates. Flycatcher quit and says that he's go to the Farm. Kay and Frau Totenkinder talk, and Bufkin accidentally tells Beauty that he knows Beauty had a secretly kissed with Prince Charming. Flycatcher tells Boy Blue that he wants to do everything that Blue did back in the Homelands against the Adversary. He asked his friend to teach him how to fight.

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