"Fables #59"
First published in May 2007
Written by Bill Willingham
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"Fables 58"
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"Fables 60"

Issue 59 is the fifty-ninth issue in Fables.



Plot Edit

Beauty tries to find Hakim, an Arabian fable a job, but nothing works. Meanwhile Prince Charming gets on Bufkin for stealing alcohol in his private, lock liquor cabinet. Elsewhere new mouse recruits are being prepped for assignments and training. At a bar, Jack calls multiple girls, telling them that they are the ones he wanted to spent his life with as he can't ever return to them. At the Farm, the three giants adjust to being three pigs. On some nights, Prince Charming, Bufkin, and Jack secretly go to the magic mirror and ask for selfish things. At his old office, Bigby asks Boy Blue if he can play his favorite song to him. At the Remembrance Day dance, Boy Blue plays Blue Skies for Bigby and Snow White. Beauty asks Frau Totenkinder what she is knitting, and it is a baby outfit for Beauty's future child, but there are multiple arms on the outfit. As a child, Prince Charming brought a snail that says she's a princess, but his parents see that it is lying. At the Business Office, Beauty forcefully counts Prince Charming's love interests, at least 1412 women, and the list goes on. Back at Snow's wedding, she trows the bouquet, and Clara, the ex-dragon, turned into a crow catches it.

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