"Fables #51"
First published in September 2006
Written by Bill Willingham
Previous story
"Fables 50"
Next story
"Fables 52"

Issue 51 is the fifty-first issue in Fables.



Plot Edit

Cinderella tries to get the Cloud Kingdoms to sign the treaty between themselves and Fabletown. However she loses her patience and tells the king that she will find an even better doctor for him in exchange for his help. She gets the help of Doctor Swineheart, Frau Totenkinder, and Rose Red. Cindy drinks a magical potion that turns her into a mouse instantly. Cindy in mouse form recruit the doctor of Smalltown and they use a hawk fables, Commander Arrow to fly them up there in time. Cindy turns back and the treaty is signed. Cindy then tells them that she never wants another diplomatic mission ever again.

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