"Fables #49"
First published in July 2006
Written by Bill Willingham
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"Fables 48"
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"Fables 50"

Issue 49 is the forty-ninth issue of Fables.


Continuing his mission, Mowgli gets dropped off in the middle of the Alaska summer outdoors in hopes of finding Bigby Wolf. He confronts another wild pack, who unlike the russian pack, have no interest in him outside of eating him. Before anything can happen, the pack is ordered to bring Mowgli to the den.

Meanwhile at The Farm Snow and Mr North (aka The North Wind, and Bigby's father) are about to argue over North's over bearing parenting in terms of the children's lax attitude to shape changing, when he notices something is wrong. He then leaves amidst a giant gust, much to Snow's dismay.

Mowgli is led to a cottage, where a drunk Bigby has taken refuge. He denies Mowgli's request to return to Fabletown, until it's revealed Prince Charming has found a way to reunite him with Snow and the cubs without violating The Farm's current ban against him. Before they can discuss it any further, Bigby's current lover, Sarah Taranaq arrives.

Mowgli and Bigby confer on just how Mowgli was able to track Bigby down. Mowgli reveals once he remembered what Bigby was, and how his skills forced him to avoid planes and boats, he knew that Bigby could simply swim to Alaska. Mowgli then interviews Sarah, as per Fabletown custom, to be sure their secrets were safe. When is all said and done, Bigby rejoins Mowgli and both head back to Fabletown, while Sarah herself rejoins civilization.

Snow wakes up in the middle of the night to another "Colin on a pike" dream. He reveals he no longers needs to visit her as better days are now on the way.

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