"Fables #43"
First published in January 2006
Written by Bill Willingham
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"Fables 42"
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"Fables 44"

Issue 43 is the forty-third issue of Fables.



Plot Edit

Beauty pushes Charming way and says that he was uses his magical powers to seduce her and they're very tired. She also tells him that if he ever flirts with her again, she will tell Beast. Beauty brings Beast muffins and acts extra nice to him. King Cole and Sinbad continue discussing terms, while Beast visits Frau Totenkinder and they talk about genii's. At the Farm, Bigby's children are in their wolf forms, but change back into human to look for their cloths. Rose, Snow, North Wind and Frau talk about the danger with the Arabian fables as they have a genii, which could be an act of war. The North Wind tells them that he can fight the genii, however when Yusuf believes that Sinbad is making a mistake, he frees the genii.

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