"Fables #39"
First published in September 2005
Written by Bill Willingham
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"Fables 38"
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"Fables 40"

Issue 39 is the thirty-ninth issue of Fables.



Plot Edit

Mongli/Vipinbehari , also known as Jagatbehari, arrives in a New York airport and arrives to Fabletown as he is a fable himself. Kay tells Beast that Trusty John is the one, mostly likely for something bad. Kay's eyes are back, meaning they are correct. The new fable visits his elder brother at the Farm, a jaguar named Bagheera. He tells him that he is going to break him out, but he doesn't know how. Trusty John is revealed to be a spy for the Adversary. Frau Totenkinder asks for a favor as she made Kay's eyes grow back for him. She also tells Beast that Boy Blue was captured in the Homelands. The Fables force Trusty John to go down the Witching Well, killing him. Beast proposes they do espionage to undo Trusty John's damage to Fabletown. Prince Charming tells Mowgli that he will free his brother, in exchange for him bringing Bigby back to the Woodlands to do a very important assignment.

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