"Fables #33"
First published in March 2005
Written by Bill Willingham
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"Fables 32"
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"Fables 34"

Issue 33 is the thirty-third issue of Fables.



Plot Edit

In spring, Snow's children have learned to fly and four more Fables have died via choking, due no signs of a struggle. Reynard the Fox informs Snow that the fifth victim is Mary's Little Lamb. North Wind tells them that the killer is a Zephyr, a gust of invisible wind that cannot take on solid form. Snow gets the North Wind to train her children to shapeshift even though he is looking for the Zephyr. Rose Red tells Beast to give Flycather his old job back, so he would be too distracted to think about his family that he lost in the Homelands. In Snow's room, the Zephyr comes to Snow, where it's revealed that it is her other son. Snow tells him to find his father Bigby, as everyone will be looking for him. Snow's children are finally one years old, and she gives them cupcakes and presents.

Deaths Edit

  • Sally Morrison
  • Barbara Allen
  • Jack Spratt
  • Mary's Little Lamb

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