"Fables #32"
First published in February 2005
Written by Bill Willingham
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"Fables 31"
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"Fables 33"

Issue 32 is the thirty-second issue of Fables.



Plot Edit

A a castle during winter, an ice Fable flys and tells the North Wind, Bigby's father, that he saw his son. Outside, Beast tells and convinces Fables who want their promises fulfilled to go home for the moment until an appointment can be made. Frau tells Beast that she can work on his enchantment so he can transform at fill to help with his new job. At his apartment, Mr. Web strangely chokes to death. Snow gets a letter from Frau that she has seven children, however they believe that she had made a mistake. Dr. Swineheart tells Beast that he doesn't know if Mr. Web was mudered as died of natural causes. In Beast's office, Beast pardons Flycatcher of his janitorial duties, which makes him upset. At the Farm, out of nowhere, North Wind invades the Farm and asks to see his grandchildren.

Deaths Edit

  • Mr. Web

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