"Fables #30"
First published in December 2004
Written by Bill Willingham
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"Fables 29"
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"Fables 31"

Issue 30 is the thirtieth issue of Fables.



Plot Edit

Bigby hurries to hospital as Snow is giving birth to his child. During this time, the election of mayor is coming to a end. After giving painfully giving birth to a girl for many hours, Dr. Swineheart says that she may have a whole litter of children. Meanwhile at the Farm, the residents are also voting. Back at the hospital, Snow continues giving birth, however Bigby slowly begins turning into a wolf due to hearing Snow's screams of pain. While Cole and Charming discuss politics with their allies, the stores around the Woodlands is being rebuilt. The new mayor of Fabletown is elected to be Prince Charming. At the hospital Bigby is overjoyed that he has six children, three girls and three boys, but Snow says that since only one of them looks human, they have to live at the farm, which Bigby isn't allowed to go. At the party, Prince Charming tells the witches that they need to mass produce glamour, however the witches says they cannot due to the short amount of raw materials to produce magic and spells. Frau continues to torture Baba Yaga to know about the Adversary. A mundy, Kevin Thorn, wonders why no remembers the battle that happened months ago involving Fabletown. While everyone admires the babies, suddenly they begin to levitate/ fly in the room.

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