"Fables #29"
First published in November 2004
Written by Bill Willingham
Previous story
"Fables 28"
Next story
"Fables 30"

Issue 29 is the twenty-ninth issue of Fables.



Plot Edit

This is a continuation of the story begun in Issue 28.

Bigby turns into a werewolf and attacks Frankenstein and kills one of the doctors. However Frankenstein awakens and attacks Bigby. Meanwhile in the castle, the Americans and Nazis open fire on each other. Bigby and Frankenstein battle savagely and throw each around the lab. Sergeant Harp betrays his own men and starts killing them.Sergeant Harp murders even more of his men, but one manages to kill him before he dies as well. Bigby rips off Frankenstein's head, but surrenders when Nazis troops armed with silver bullets threaten to kill him. The scientists take some of Bigby's blood and plan to dry him with enough blood to make an army. However Harp saves Bigby, but Harp does anyway with Bigby escaping the exploding castle. Bigby then turns back into wolf form to get the rest of the men treated in exchange that they keep his secret. The story ends with Bigby telling Bufkin to put the book in a right place. Bigby then says hello to Frankenstein, still alive, but only a decapitated talking head. Finally Bigby visits Duffy's grave.

Deaths Edit

  • Numerous counts of Nazis
  • Numerous counts of American Soldiers
  • Shawn Dufffy
  • Sieglinde von Abensberg und Traun
  • Wechsler
  • Harp
  • Joey Tice
  • Ronal Levine
  • John Baker

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