"Fables #26"
First published in August 2004
Written by Bill Willingham
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"Fables 25"
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"Fables 27"

Issue 26 is the twenty-sixth issue of Fables.



Plot Edit

The Wooden soldiers attack and the walls, forcing a retreat. However Mr. Toad and many other fables drop multiple grenades on the streets and then sent in the big Fables to prevent them from recovering. The Fables army retreat again letting the Woodland soldiers make it in the Woodlands courtyard where they blast multiple cannon balls at them, killing even more Wooden soldiers. However the Wooden soldiers soldiers shoot Weyland Smith to death, and injure Boy Blue. The Fables bring injured to Dr. Swineheart in the Business Office where there are tons of deceased and injured Fables. More fables are killed including Boo from the Three Bears, and the Wooden soldiers fix their injured by reattaching lost limbs from the other bodies. Snow accidentally makes the Wooden soldiers more dangerous by setting them on fire, so Pinocchio tries to stop the chaos only to be killed himself by them. The fables use water hoses to put out the flaming Wooden soldiers, but Papa Bear is also injured. While all seems lost, Bigby in full Wolf form comes out of nowhere and blows the Wooden soldiers away with his powerful lungs.

Deaths Edit

  • Numerous counts of Fables
  • Numerous counts of Wooden Soldiers
  • Weyland Smith
  • Boo Bear
  • Pinocchio

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