First published in Fables #16 (August 13, 2003)
Reprinted in Fables: Storybook Love
Fables Deluxe Edition Vol. 2
Written by Bill Willingham
Pencilled by Mark Buckingham
Inked by Steve Leialoha
Lettered by Todd Klein
Colored by Daniel Vozzo
Assistant Editor Mariah Huehner
Editor Shelly Bond
Previous story
"Fables 15"
Next story
"Fables 17"

"Duel" is the sixteenth story in Fables.




Bigby tells Snow that he can't stop noticing where she is and how he feels because of her smell. Snow says that this is beginning to sound creepy, but Bigby tells her that she shouldn't ask for an answer to a question that she wasn't ready to hear. Prince Charming goes to Bluebeard and wants to battle to the death as he now knows his intentions of killing Snow and Bigby.

Bigby transforms into his full wolf form again and blows Goldilocks out of her motorcycle. Prince Charming kills Bluebeard, but Bluebeard says he's already won, believing that Goldilocks had already killed Snow and Bigby. Goldilocks armed with a rifle yells for Bigby to show himself to which he says as you wish while attacking her.





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