"A King of Glass and Shadow"
Issue 143
First published in August 20, 2014
Written by Bill Willingham
Matt Sturges
Pencilled by Tony Akins
Mark Buckingham
Inked by Steve Leialoha
Tony Akins
Andrew Pepoy
Previous story
"Issue 142"
Next story
"Issue 144"

"A King of Glass and Shadow" is the 143rd issue of Fables.


As a result of Thrushbeard's death, Ozma is able to jump her watching eye ability from him to the feral Bigby, allowing her to observe his movements. However, she is not able to see into his mind. The 13th Floor comes to the conclusion that someone is controlling his actions. Elsewhere, Leigh is shown to be controlling Bigby through her glass ring, and commands him to go to Wolf Valley and kill his cubs and Snow.

Meanwhile, Snow visits Cindy in her shoe store and learns that Grimble was been turned into a bird by Prince Brandish. She offers for him to join her in her quest for revenge.

Back with the 13th Floor, Ozma learns that Bigby is leaking magic into the mundy world, which could start to break down their spell structures. She resolves to kill him before he jeapordizes Fabletown. On the street, a group of NYPD officers suddenly notices Castle Dark, as a result of the leaking magic. 

In the courtyard of the castle, Snow, Flycatcher, and Maddy discuss her black armor and sword. They concludes that, as Rose has cast herself as the hero in her New Camelot project, Snow has been given the role of the villain. She names the sword Ice. Meanwhile, they are being watched by Rose and Morgan. Morgan expresses concern that the power the two sisters are building up could have dangerous consequences. Rose dismisses her and names her sword Thorn. 

Up at the new Camelot, Weyland has Brandish start building a new wall. However, Brandish reveals that he knows Weyland's ghostly nature and that he would start to fade if Fly is away for too long. He then kills Weyland with a crowbar. 

Back in New York, the 13th Floor witches realize that the mundies can now see the castle. Ozma leaves to deal with Bigby. In Haven, Beast tries to leave for Fabletown to deal with Bigby, but Beauty stops him, reminding him that his transformation curse was transferred to Bliss. Instead, Beast decides to use the golden suit they designed to use in the fight against Mr. Dark





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