"The Mouse Police Never Sleep"
First published in Fables #14 (August 2003)
Reprinted in Fables: Storybook Love
Fables Deluxe Edition Vol. 2
Written by Bill Willingham
Pencilled by Mark Buckingham
Inked by Steve Leialoha
Lettered by Todd Klein
Colored by Daniel Vozzo
Assistant Editor Mariah Huehner
Editor Shelly Bond
Previous story
"Fables 13"
Next story
"Fables 15"

"The Mouse Police Never Sleep" is the fourteenth story in Fables.




Wilfred and Rex from the mouse police search Bluebeard's office for information. It's springtime in Fabletown and Snow has upgraded from the wheelchair to crutches. After flirting with Snow, Bigby is told by her that she is not interested. Bluebeard and Prince Charming have a fencing match hosted in Edmond Dantès' studio, Chateau d'If Fencing Academy. They face off in front of many students, but Bluebeard beats him five to nothing.

Meanwhile at The Farm, Rose Red tells Jack that it is over between them as she is doing a fantastic job of the place. Meanwhile at Bluebeard's apartment, Goldilocks and Bluebeard have been having sex in exchange for her safety as she is the most wanted fable. Wilfred and Rex leave to report Goldilocks' location. However before they can leave, she spots them and Hobbes ends up throwing a knife, impaling Rex which kills him. Wilfred manages to escape. Bluebeard states that their plan will have to commence now, so he uses a magical potion to control Snow and Bigby to leave Fabletown so that he and Goldilocks can kill them without anyone knowing.





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