"Issue #136"
Issue 136
First published in September 2013
Written by Bill Willingham
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"Issue 135"
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"Issue 137"



Plot Edit

Lancelot is disguised as an old man for Rose Red's new Camelot. He intends to make it better than the first. Rose Red sends some fables who didn't make the cut home, though her new powers. Meanwhile Weyland continues to work Brandish to death. Lake tells Rose Red that by creating her own Camelot, she is asking for trouble. Lake and Morgan arrive to Wolf Manor where Lake tells Morgan that a new Camelot story will unfold because of Rose Red. Lake sees Ambrose and freaks out, likely because they will be married in the future. Lake upset, gets drunk and passes out. Leigh takes her shard of Bigby's glass form and questions what she is going to do with it.

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