"Issue #132"
First published in May 2013
Written by Bill Willingham
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"Issue 131"
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"Issue 133"



Plot Edit

Rose Red has some men set up a table and chairs in the middle of nowhere for her. Flycatcher, Lake and Weyland arrive at Fabletown castle. Weyland is weak due to him being in Haven. The witches need Lake's help and Flycatcher is saddened to hear of Bigby's demise. Commander Arrow talks to Rose Red, she asks him to round up all fable birds for her. Therese tells a saddened Snow that she will have to leave for Toyland as it is her home now. Rose Red has an army of birds and one of them tells her that Brandish is still alive. Brandish reveals that his heart is somewhere else safe, it is revealed that when he was young he killed his mother. Fables are being recruited into Rose Red's Knighthood. At Dr. Swineheart's office Rose Red guns down Brandish. Rose Red captures Brandish, chained but alive, and intends to get info out of him.

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