"Fables #129"
First published in February 2013
Written by Bill Willingham
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"Fables 128"
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"Fables 130"



Plot Edit

Beast, Lake and Beauty continue to discuss the wedding. Lake scares the two of them as she can magically peak into the future to see if they are lying. Snow believes if killing Brandish will also kill her, it is worth it. The witches break the spell, Brandish's sword does most of the work allowing Snow to cut him. Brandish's break Bigby's glass form, killing him. Snow stabs Brandish though the heart killing him. Ozma tells Snow that can possibly bring Bigby back if they gather all the pieces. Snow tells her children the bad news, but suddenly there is a knocking at the door. Snow opens it to see her daughter Therese who is older and the queen of Toyland. Therese asks where her father is.

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